Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

1. Authors should submit the original work. This journal uses  iThenticate for plagiarism checking of submitted manuscripts. The editorial team will evaluate the duplication, and papers with obvious plagiarism will be rejected immediately. The journal can accept a few English translations of pioneering papers, but the quantity will be strictly controlled.

2. Authors should abide by integrity. Accurate identity information should be offered. The data in the paper should be guaranteed to be true and accurate, and no illegal acts such as fabricating data or forging images are permitted.

3. It is prohibited to make multiple contributions with one manuscript. Authors who make multiple contributions with one manuscript and who withdraw their papers after the reviewing procedure is initiated will be blacklisted.

4. Once the author is detected of duplicate publications or other serious academic misconduct after publication, the paper will be retracted and marked on the website of the journal.

5. The journal adopts the publishing mode of full open access, allowing open global access to its published papers, which can be read and downloaded free of charge on the official website of the journal. After publication, electronic versions of the papers will be promptly uploaded to several important databases and circulated to the greatest extent, so that the papers can be widely read and cited soon.

6. Funded by the constructing program of double first-class disciplines in Nanjing University, the journal does not charge any fees to contributing authors. After publication, the editorial team will send two current paper copies of the journal to the author by International Express and remit the author's remuneration. If there are more than one collaborator, the remuneration shall be collected by the corresponding author.

7. The journal follows the guidance of COPE (the Committee on Publication Ethics) in dealing with academic misconduct or fraudulent publication

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