On the Complexity of Chinese Sentences in Singapore Primary Textbooks



Goh Saye Wee


Work Unit:

Ministry of Education, Singapore


Vol.4 No.2 (Serial No.5) 2016






This paper uses the sentences from the Singapore primary school Chinese textbooks as the research material, using sentence as a unit; analyses sentence composition and sentence patterns, from quantity, distribution, characteristic and semantic type aspects to examine the progression of sentence complexity in Chinese language. The paper describes how the sentence develops in a systemic and complexity aspect in textbooks of various levels. The paper suggests 7 types of sentence pattern grading in term of complexity progression, and proposes a formula to examine and calculate the complexity index of a sentence. The findings derive a set of valuable data to expound the complexity of a sentence and discuss the variable factors influencing the complexity of sentences used in primary school Chinese textbooks.

Key Words:

sentence, sentence pattern, complexity, complexity index




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