The journal mainly publishes papers in the following areas:

Original linguistic theory (mainly original theory based on the facts of non-Indo-European languages);

Systematic Operational Grammar research and other systematic operational linguistic research(systematic operational linguistics based on complex system theory is the main feature of the journal, where research papers of Systematic Operational Grammar, systematic etymology, systematic rhetoric, and second language teaching research based on systematic operational theory will be published as priority);

Fieldwork (to investigate and describe the syntax, semantics and vocabulary of non-Indo-European languages);

Synchronic linguistics (synchronic study of vocabulary, semantics, syntax, and pragmatics within the system architecture of non-Indo-European languages);

Study in change of languages (mainly discusses the history of the formation and mechanism of modern non-Indo-European language systems, geographic variation, social and stylistic variation mechanism, mechanism of language change caused by contact with other Indo-European languages. We welcome instructive laws found in the corresponding fields);

Language typology and anthropological linguistics (based on non-Indo-European languages, highlighting generality and peculiarity of languages and cultural anthropological interpretation of language issues);

Mathematical linguistics (statistical study of modern non-Indo-European languages, in particular, study combining qualitative analysis with statistics);

Psycholinguistics and second language teaching research (for non-Indo-European languages).

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