The Structure of a Noun Phrase in Ezha, Ethio-Semitic



Endalew Assefa


Work Unit:

Department of Linguistics and Philology, College of Humanities, Addis Ababa University


Vol.4 No.2 (Serial No.5) 2016






This article is meant to provide a descriptive account of a noun phrase in the Ezha language. By so doing, no particular theoretical assumption is adhered to; the data analysis is dictated by a purely descriptive perspective. Data for the study were accessed by consulting native speakers through elicitation augmented by recording of spontaneous speech. A noun phrase in Ezha is found out to be built out of a head noun alone or a head noun together with (a) dependent(s). In situations where a noun phrase is made up of a head noun along with dependents, the dependents can be a noun, an adjective, a numeral, a demonstrative and/or a relative clause. The phrase is always head-final.

Key Words:

noun phrase, Ezha, head, dependent, modifier, complement




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