The Pronominal System of the Soqotri Dialects: A structural and functional Study



Khaled Awadh Bin Mukhashin, Munir Shuib


Work Unit:

School of Arts, Hadhramout University;School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia


Vol.4 No.2 (Serial No.5) 2016






This study aims at describing structurally and functionally the pronominal system of the three main dialects of Soqotri, an endangered Modern south Arabian language spoken in the Island of Soqotra, Yemen. A part of the data presented in the study has been taken from my PhD thesis written in 2009. New data were collected from the field in 2012 and added to the study. The Study follows a descriptive method, therefore, showing no argumentation. The study reveals the structure and functions of the Soqotri rich pronominal system. It shows that the three Soqotri dialects (Eastern Soqotri Dialect, Central Soqotri Dialect and Western Soqotri Dialect) have personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, demonstrative pronoun, reflexive pronouns, reciprocal pronouns, relative pronouns and interrogative pronouns. It also shows that these pronouns are usually of two types (independent and dependent) inflecting for person, number and gender.

Key Words:

Soqotri, Modern south Arabian language, pronominal system, pronouns




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