The Determinacy of Lexical Selectional Restriction and Its Basis for Existence



Ma Qinghua, Huang Yanqun


Work Unit:

School of Liberal Arts, Nanjing University;Hangzhou Dianzi University


Vol.4 No.1 (Serial No.4) 2016






In this paper, the determinacy of regular lexical selectional restrictions is examined from both the internal structures of the single selectional restrictions (i.e. semantic selectional restrictions) and relationship between the structures of several selectional restrictions. Hence, our analysis and description are shifted from casual and indeterminate strings and markers on case basis to determined rules and circumspect dynamic systems, from lexical precepts to knowledge precepts, from the state of memory to rational deduction and rhetorical devices. Further studies indicate that selectional restrictions are intertwined structures, a feature that makes it possible to be one of the bases for lexical selectional restrictions to come into existence. Its related theories are the grarantee for scientific observations of selectional restriction structures.

Key Words:

lexical selectional restriction, determinacy, intertwine, basis for existence




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