A Tentative Analysis of the Origin of Middle Chinese Grammar and Its Historical Position



Liu Shizhen, Ji Yunxia


Work Unit:

Department of Chinese and Literature, Nanjing University ;School of Foreign Languages, Shandong University


Vol.1 No.1 (Serial No.1) 2007






Middle Chinese is the language used in the period from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Sui Dynasty. In recent years researches of Middle Chinese have attracted scholars’ attention. While it inherited some characteristics from the grammar of Ancient Chinese, the morphology and syntax of Middle Chinese underwent obvious elimination and new birth, an important content which laid the foundation for the further evolution of the Early Modern Chinese grammar. Numerous grammatical phenomena started to appear in the Tang and Song Dynasties. The grammar was going through a change in which new forms replaced old ones, thus being the mediator in inheriting the archaic and beginning the early modern grammar, and therefore occupying an important position in the history of Chinese.

Key Words:

Middle, Chinese, grammar, origin, historical position




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