A Semantic Model of Multiple Space of Role and State(I)



Huang Ziyou


Work Unit:

Department of Chinese Literature and Language, Jiangsu Education Institute


Vol.1 No.1 (Serial No.1) 2007






Language artificially classifies the varied phenomena of the chaotic world into four kinds of expressions: “real displacements”, “real shifts”, “virtual displacements” and “virtual shifts”. This paper is mainly a semantic exploration of the “real displacements” and the achievement of the discussion is a foundation for the semantic study of the latter three kinds of expressions. Emphasis will be laid upon the verbs and their relationship with nouns. The “multiple space role-state-ring-chain” model designed in the paper is aimed at delving beneath the surface of a verb and studying its inner micro-world, so as to grasp the transformational rules among the surface, deep and underlying structures of a sentence and to promote the discovery for the mystery of human languages.

Key Words:

role, state, ring, chain, space, real entity, displacements




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