The Possibility of Semantic Features and Analysis of Figures of Speech

——Cognitive Figures and Expressive Figures



Liu Dawei, Wang Zhiguang


Work Unit:

Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Fudan University;School of Foreign Languages, Zhejiang University


Vol.1 No.1 (Serial No.1) 2007






In this paper, linguistic methodology is suggested for approaching figures of speech formed due to shift of cognitive relations. First, requisite features, possible features and impossible features are proposed on the basis of semantic analysis and their interrelationships and expressions are discussed. Then it is further argued that all figures formed due to shift of cognitive relation are expressed to accept an impossible feature; and there are four semantic forms to accept it: “zero distance/distanced”, “implicit/explicit”, “direct/indirect”, “positive/negative”. Finally, starting from the two approaches to figures we comment on the traditional idea of separating decoration and substance and the new idea of “function as form”.

Key Words:

figures of speech, requisite features, possible features, impossible features, cognitive, expressive




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