The Matrix and Parameters of the “Jiugong-Modes” of the Chinese Basic Intonation



Wu Jiemin


Work Unit:

School of Foreign Languages, Zhejiang University


Vol.1 No.1 (Serial No.1) 2007






The author outlines the matrix and parameters of the forms of basic intonation of Chinese texts, and, based on the traditional Chinese graphic expression Jiugong(nine squares), systematically describes the tonal ranges and various forms of basic intonation. She concludes that if we express the pitch and length of the texts by means of two coordinate axes, and each coordinate axis is divided into three levels, a Jiugong matrix of intonation will be established, and different two-dimensional acoustic features can be found at various points on the Jiugong diagram. The Jiugong matrix of intonation as expounded in this paper serves as the rules for the combination of intonations and covers all the basic tones of Chinese texts.

Key Words:

intonation, Jiugong-modes, matrix, parameters




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