The Comparative Phonology of Konsoid



Tesfaye, W.


Work Unit:

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia


Vol.8 No.2 (Serial No.13) 2020 _Contents






This study compares the phonology of Konso, Diraytata and Mosittacha languages which belong to the Konsoid subgroup in the Lowland East Cushitic family. The aim is to identify and describe the phonological similarities and differences that exist among these languages. The classification of the languages’ sound systems, gemination, phonotactics and syllable structures are carried out in order to determine the major pattern of differences and similarities. Some major sound changes are discovered and the merger of voiced obstruents into voiceless counterparts is another major finding observed in these languages.

Key Words:

Konsoid, comparison, inventory, constraint, syllable structure


doi: 10.26478/ja2020.8.13.6


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